About Us

We are a fast-growing recruitment agency. Although our candidates are exceptional and well vetted you can rest assured, we will not be beaten on price. We are an approved framework supplier of educational, social care, industrial and commercial professionals across the UK. We specialise in providing fully compliant professionals in permanent and temporary roles.

Values at Staunch Recruitment

loyalty, Professionalism, Supportive and Integrity

We are committed in giving support to our clients to meet their expectations and ensure the best service is provided.

Our team of experts make sure that each employee is up to date and competent in the skills required of them to provide the best service available to the client.

Our clear and concise communication skills provide confidence to our clients to ensure we face challenges and work together to resolve any matter that arise.

Our ongoing consistency and commitment in working together as a team enables clients to have full confidence in our values and how we strive to uphold them.