Jade Crossfield

  • Luton, United Kingdom
  • July 10, 2023

Personal Profile

I am a confident and highly motivated individual that is always reliable. Having a background in working with the general public through my previous jobs of being a waiter and a customer service assistant; I am confident in my communication skills and the ability to remain friendly and polite regardless of the hardships experienced whilst working. As a team player, I thrive in collaborative environments. I communicate effectively with colleagues and supervisors, ensuring seamless coordination to achieve common goals. I am adaptable and able to work well under pressure, even in time-sensitive situations.

Working as a waiter in Luton Hoo allowed to put these skills into practice and apply them outside of this context. As a result of this I learned the importance of adapting the way you communicate in order to suit the understanding of the individual. Also, in a fast-paced environment it is essential to be clear and concise. Similarly, through working as a customer service assistant at Tesco’s clothing department, it was essential to have a good general knowledge about the department to address any concerns of the customers. But it was also essential to remain friendly so that customers have the confidence to approach you regarding any concerns.
After participating in the National Citizen Service, I grew a lot as a person and learned the importance of teamwork. Initially I was full of nerves due to the lack of familiarity of the other individuals, yet despite this we were all in the same situation and knowing that we are all a part of a team helped bring us together. Also, during university there have been multiple tasks that consisted of teamwork with a group of unfamiliar individuals. It was through this I learned how motivational teamwork can be, perhaps mainly due to the personal idea that my efforts can be reflected in their own results. But also, the encouragement team members provide help me to get through a task and are ultimately a driving force into putting a greater effort in.

Education and Work Experience

July 2022 - September 2022 Customer Service Assistant - Tesco During the summer holiday from university I worked part-time on the weekdays at Tesco's as a customer service assistant specifically within the clothing department. Within this I had to be organised and work coherently in a systematic yet repetitive order. As a result of this job, I improved on my confidence to speak to the public and to always maintain friendly.
May 2021 - August 2021 Waiter - Luton Hoo After finishing college, I worked as a waiter for a hotel and through job mainly entailed serving food, it also involved cleaning and making drinks. I learned a lot of valuable skills for example: to work in a methodological manner and the importance of communication with co-workers. I have also learned that even though minor clashes may occur it's highly significant to remain positive.
September 2021 - Present Undergraduate Degree - I am currently studying Psychology and Neuroscience. September 2019 - August 2021 A Levels -C in Biology -C in Psychology -D in Chemistry. August 2019 GCSE - -Grade 5 (C) in PE -Grade 6 (B) in Geography -Grade 7 (A) in Maths, Science, Religious Studies and French -Grade 8 (A*) in English Literature and Art -Grade 9 (A**) in English Language

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